If you’re selling a house, then your goal is likely to sell as quickly as possible for as high a price as possible. There are a lot of steps you can take in pursuit of that, from simple, almost obvious recommendations like cleaning your home to more involved projects like repairs and renovations. As it turns out, there is a step beyond cleaning your home you can take without putting in the time, effort, and money involved in renovations: home staging. Read on to learn more, and contact Wallace and Dean today to learn about our Houston home staging services.

About Home Staging

Home staging is essentially a process of preparing your home for sale through organization and decor. The purpose is to help sell your house faster and at a higher pricepoint! Staging goes behind ordinary cleaning and decorating to make a house feel like a welcoming home for as wide an audience as possible, emphasizing certain features and spaces within your home to make it seem bigger, brighter, cleaner, and warmer.

Home staging is one of the last steps in the process of selling a house. It takes place after repairs and renovations, cleaning and decluttering, repainting, and other basic steps that will help make your house more appealing to potential buyers. You can try to stage your home on your own or trust professionals like Wallace and Dean to encourage a faster, higher priced sale through details like mirrors, carpets and rugs, and plants.

Why Invest in Home Staging?

Real estate agents often invest in home staging for good reason — in a recent survey, at least a third of agents reported believing that staging increases home prices by at least one to five percent. In the world of real estate, that can add up to thousands more dollars in your pocket!

Home staging is designed to make your space neutral and welcoming for as many potential buyers as possible, which is why it can help you get your house off the market faster and for a better price. Staging shows off your home at its best and can help your property stand out from the competition. It can be especially helpful for empty homes that are missing the framework that helps potential buyers imagine building their lives in such a space.

About Professional Home Staging

Professional stagers are truly highly skilled artists. They create a portrait of a possible life within your home, crafting appealing scenery that appeals to the buyers’ senses, such as soft throw blankets or beautiful artwork on the walls. Many staging companies like Wallace and Dean utilize tools and accessories including floral home decor, striking accessories and kitchenware, and unique piece furniture.

Why invest in a professional stager? Because they have the expertise to ensure you get the best possible results. They can work with your space to cater to current market trends, carefully choosing just the right carpet or paint colors. They can also give you advice on what you can do during the process and hold you accountable to important steps like ensuring you clean out that half-forgotten junk drawer. Plus, with the projected boost to your selling price, professional home staging can pay for itself and more!

Learn More With Wallace and Dean

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